Do we have WiFi?

We do not currently have a WiFi connection in the hostel, but we hope this helps you to make real connections with your fellow travelers!

Can I do my laundry?

We don’t offer a laundry service, however, there are a few places nearby that can do it for you!

Is there hot water?

The water at Nest runs cold, let it refresh you and wake you up!

Do we serve food?

The kitchen is open between 8am and 9pm, check out the food menu here.

Is there a pick up service?

You can arrange a small taxi boat from the pier for around $5 per person, sometimes if you share it can be cheaper. When you´re leaving Nest we can arrange a taxi boat pick up. Please give us an hour notice.

Can you see the plankton?

Depending on the moon and how light the night is, you can usually see the bioluminescent plankton right in front of Nest. Just splash around to see them glow!

Are there lockers?

Each bed has a locker underneath, but you will need to bring your own padlock.

What is the best way to get to us?

If you stop at Longset Pier on 4K beach, you will need to walk left along the beach until you reach the jungle, we are just before. If you get off at Koh Touch village, you have a slightly longer but shadier walk right along the beach, then follow the jungle path until you come out on 4K beach. We are the first hostel you find. You can also grab a motorbike taxi from either pier.

Can you see the sunset here?

At Nest we love early mornings or late, late nights to see breathtaking sunrises, however, the sun sets behind us on the other side of the island.

Is it easy to get to the other island?

Koh Rong Sanloem is easily accessible from Koh Rong using the island hop speed ferry leaving from the village for around $5.

Can I book a bus to other places from there?

There are several travel agencies in Koh Touch village who can book you a bus to your next destination and advise you of appropriate ferry times.