Nest Beach Club Accomodation

We built our first block of dorms shortly after finishing setting up the bar and kitchen in order to try to bring a level of comfort not yet found at this remote location. Our dorms have double and single beds, privacy curtains, personal lights/charge points and AC to help keep those hot nights cool. Set back in the jungle next to a seasonal river, if you´re lucky you´ll see tropical birds or monkey families.

Air Conditioned Dorms

All our dorms come with refreshing AC units so that you can hide out and cool off during the day and avoid those hot, sticky nights. Due to our island power supply coming from generators, we sometimes experience power cuts of around 1 hour, however, when the doors are kept shut, the rooms can still remain cool during this time.

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Comfortable Queen Size Beds

Our comfortable and spacious queen size beds are perfect for sprawling out on your own or for sharing with a buddy. For an extra fee a night, you can share one of these mighty dorm beds and save yourselves some cash to spend on a delicious cocktail instead! Alternatively, solo money savers can try one of our simple single beds instead.

Privacy in our High Quality Dorms

Each of our dorm beds comes with a privacy curtain meaning you can section off your pod when you’re ready to for some private downtime or to drift off to sleep. Your own reading light means you have full control over your bedtime. Every block of dorms has an attached bathroom for easy access at all times.

Doublebeds in AC-Dorm - Nest Hostel on Koh Rong

Cosy Private rooms

We have a selection of private rooms tucked away at the back of the hostel overlooking the tropical jungle. The spacious rooms have their own toilet and shower facilities. Each room consists of a Queen size bed, bed lights, power sockets, powerful ceiling fan and a personal safe

Around our dorms

Bedroom Secrets

How far are the dorms from the beach?

Our first block of dorms is set just 150m from the beach. The second block is tucked a little further away in the jungle.

How many beds are in each dorm?

The queen sized bed dorms consist of 12 beds per room, the single bed dorms consist of 10 beds per room.

Are towels provided for me?

You can rent a towel on arrival for a deposit of $5 which you will be refunded when you return the towel.

Is there WiFi in the rooms?

Currently, we do not have WiFi at the property.

Is there hot water?

Sorry, we can´t offer hot water unless you want a cup of tea 🙂 But you can enjoy one of our outdoor jungle shower as a refreshing way to cool off.

How do I book a shared bed?

Book a queensize dorm bed as normal and just let us know at check in. Extra fee: 50% of the booking price.

Are there lockers?

Each bed has a locker underneath, but you will need to bring your own padlock.